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Mark Clifford

Christmas and New Year Operations 2018

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Christmas is NEXT WEEK. 4 whole days away... 🎅🏼 🎄

We give our team members the choice as to wether or not they contribute to operations during Christmas, apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day where we run an intermittent service and they can work but are encouraged to take time off. It's really slow normally, providing there's no snow or storm. During this time it usually but not always consists of one person (me!) running the entire show--monitoring weather models, running social media, responding to emails / live chat etc etc. 

Below is a guideline for our availability over the festive season. 

24th December 2018 (Christmas Eve): Normal until 5pm then intermittent

25th December 2018 (Christmas Day): Intermittent 

26th December 2018 (Boxing Day): Intermittent

27th December 2018: Normal

28th December 2018: Normal

29th December 2018: Normal

30th December 2018: Normal

31st December 2018 (New Years Eve): Normal until 5pm then intermittent 🎉🍻

1st January 2019 (New Years Day): Intermittent

Thank you for all the support you gave us in 2018. We wouldn't be here without the continued growth on Twitter and Facebook but mainly due to the visits to our website enabling us to raise a small amount of funds through serving ads.

If you would like to support us further or say Merry Christmas in the form of a monetary gift please consider contributing to our running costs, which seems to be ever increasing. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!

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I would also like to give a special thanks to @Sryan Bruen (Sean Bruen), Daniel Smith, and @Chailey Stowe for joining Metcast when we desperately needed more team members. You guys are what makes Metcast great. 

Thank you! 100% of donations made via Paypal between 22nd and 27th December 2018 will be divided between them. 

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