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Mark Clifford

Your Ratings for 2018?

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Thanks to @Sryan Bruen for the idea... how would you rate the weather so far this year? Here's mine... 

January - 8/10
February - 8/10
March - 9/10
April - 6/10
May - 7/10
June - 7/10 
August - 5/10
September - No idea as I was away for most of it/10 (Switzerland and Italy were lovely though! ūüėú)¬†
October - 3/10

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January - 7/10

February - 9/10

March - 5/10

April - 4/10

May - 8/10

June - 10/10

July - 7/10

August - 3/10

September - 7/10

October - 7/10

2018 overall so far - 7/10

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