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Issues with uploading files

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Hello everyone, 

Users have reported that they are experiencing issues with uploading files to the forum. I have checked the settings and it must have been reset when our hosting provider crashed last week. I am sorry for this oversight.

For the moment, all members will receive: 35,000kb (around 35MB) total storage and 5000kb (5MB) for each post.

I would also like to add that when uploading multiple images it is encouraged to use external hosting. This will be reviewed frequently and if you have any further comments on this please let me know here.  

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    • Yes i did Mark, sorry for not responding i honestly thought I mate. 
    • Did you ever get this @Brent? Hoping people get notifications when we respond... 🤔
    • Could euro4 be right? Let's start the #uksnow debate... 👀
    • We'll be conducting updates to our Snow Watch advisory over the next few weeks. We'll post them here once ready and we'd appreciate if you can provide feedback as to how helpful you may find these updates.  Here's a sneak peak at what we'll be adding in the next week... 
    • Hi @Brent, so sorry nobody got back to you sooner.  I guess it would be appropriate to talk about Monday into Tuesday now. Early hours of Tuesday look to be your best chance, as the main rain band passes. Otherwise showers could catch you which maybe wintry. You probably have the best chance than most but showers and even within the main front will be hit and miss.  An easterly air flow would be most peoples best bet.