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  1. Joel Smith

    ISS Pass Times, Info and Chat

    I was watching the space forum to see when something was going to be posted. Looking forward to when the ISS reappears!
  2. Joel Smith

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    Wow! I knew it was a good summer but these stats really put it into perspective. If we get high temps in September will these change or go towards Autumn statistics?
  3. Joel Smith

    Useful Links for historical weather

    Thanks @Sryan Bruen. This was very interesting to look through and probably very helpful for those that may need it.
  4. Joel Smith

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Woah! There's been a surge of people signing up tonight My winter checklist would be: - Frosty nights - Stratospheric warming - Thundersnow - Blizzards - Beast From The East - Colder than average temperatures - Snow squalls (possible in the UK?) - Lake effect snow Ok, some of them might be unrealistic
  5. Joel Smith

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Cold is pretty much guaranteed, right?
  6. Joel Smith

    The Daily Express' Endless Nonsense

    Yes, utter plonkers but it's not just the Express that is doing it. Plenty of other outlets have latched on to the bandwagon.
  7. Joel Smith

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    I like your style Dan.
  8. Joel Smith

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm Joel as you can probably tell from my display name... I live in Shoreham (Yes, I'm a Southern!). Never signed up to a forum in my life but this one is pretty quiet... guess it has just launched...
  9. Bloody miserable and cloudy in Brighton today. What's the weather like where you are?
  10. There is not a bloody chance we're going to get a decent Summer. I always think that when we have early warmth in Spring our Summer will be poor...