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  1. dlukefinch

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    It's been a while now but here's all the winter forecasts I have read/think are worthy of reading... Our very own/first ever seasonal forecast https://metcast.net/news/winter-2018-19-forecast/ Gavs Weather Vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0cIpgxWRfw The Snow Dreamer aka London and Southeast https://t.co/qw3ZuNf7AT Are there any that I have missed that you think is a decent read?
  2. Weather you work full time in forecasting the weather, do it as a hobby we all have workstations. Some mobile (i.e. a laptop) but most I assume are setup at home or office. I thought it would be fun to compare setups. Mine is somewhat a mix as I do rather a lot of things. Webdev, Music (hence the KRK Rokit 6s), and photography while holding down a full time job in marketing. See photo below. What's your workstation like? Send in a photo.
  3. dlukefinch

    Issues with uploading files

    Hello everyone, Users have reported that they are experiencing issues with uploading files to the forum. I have checked the settings and it must have been reset when our hosting provider crashed last week. I am sorry for this oversight. For the moment, all members will receive: 35,000kb (around 35MB) total storage and 5000kb (5MB) for each post. I would also like to add that when uploading multiple images it is encouraged to use external hosting. This will be reviewed frequently and if you have any further comments on this please let me know here.
  4. dlukefinch

    The Daily Express' Endless Nonsense

    I'm not sure any action would do anything personally. I am all for laughing at them though. THREE MONTHS? I know you're not ruling out an Indian Summer but for three months? The long range forecast is there for guidance not to be splashed around the front-page of national newspapers. This is probably the face of Nathan Rao when an article goes live
  5. dlukefinch

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    Hi @Sryan Bruen, sure it could happen but I'm not convinced it will as the outlook is changeable. Personally I don't mind what the weather is doing from 1st Sept as I'm off on holiday
  6. dlukefinch

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    Well, I personally think that temperatures of 30°C or above is a no-go now. Thoughts?
  7. dlukefinch

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    C'mon @Mark Clifford let's be a little more sensible ? Thunderstorms probable today and finally RAIN though some places may still completely miss out--I feel your pain already! Possibly the hottest day of this heatwave too with 36°C being forecast. ?️
  8. dlukefinch

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    Now we're into July let's take a look at the highest temperature records that we need to beat. Met Office says 36.7°C - 1st July 2015 at Heathrow (London) Could we beat these records? ?
  9. dlukefinch

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    I feel like the HP that brings us this warm/hot weather needs a name. @Mark Clifford?
  10. Shout out to South East and East Anglia peeps! Pretty cloudy here in Brighton and much fresher. What's it like where you are?
  11. dlukefinch

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I'm Dan. I'm part of the web development team at Metcast HQ here in sunny Brighton. Well, it's not been so sunny of late... I'm learning more and more about weather (and forecasting in the UK) more and more every day but you wouldn't want me posting weather updates.