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  1. Mark

    Beast from the East - February/March 2018

    This pic shows what the last BFTE did, that's a road, it's up to a meter deep. One week later! The drifts were something I don't remember seeing before.
  2. Mark

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    With a multitude of heat sources!
  3. Well I'll get the ball rolling here I guess?! Firstly, I very much enjoy discussion on this subject, particularly when comments are backed up by verifiable data. A common issue is opinions are quite polarised yet opinions are not of substance within science. I understand that people are very concerned for our planet and completely respect that. However, I also respect facts, research and discussion. These are very important to aid understanding and fundamental to science. As is a null hypothesis. Personally, I've spent many hours reading, exploring avenues, learning physics/oceanography/meteorology etc. Does this make me a qualified scientist, no. Does this qualify me to discuss this subject, maybe. Certainly I know enough to see uncertainties where perhaps there should be none. So yeah, I'm not certain. However I started my inquiries from gut instinct after finding out one fact, and I am certain it's more uncertain then "climate change" is made out to be. The next few years may well be a vast experiment played out before us, what would your null hypothesis be?? Regarding the paper, this is way more recent then the ideas proposed by the chap who came up with the premise of co2 and it's interaction with IR. Just sayin.....
  4. Mark

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    Agree, the odds would be very low!! Tho I also agree with Syran, almost anything can happen 10+ days out.
  5. Mark

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    I mean this with as little contention and greatest caution possible.... However, how can any temp recorded at Heathrow be treated with any seriousness?? If you wanted to find a hot place that is recent to our long standing temp record, this would be very high on the list......
  6. Mark

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Hi Mark...I reckon no matter how everything aligns, you can still end up with an opposite result! Call it the butterfly effect or whatever. All we can really do is give odds, that said, I've been saying for years the winter's are likely to get colder for the next few. The odds are stacking in the favour of those who enjoy cold/snow. Maybe something spectacular will occur even??
  7. Mark

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Hi Sryan Hope your right!!!
  8. Mark

    The Daily Express' Endless Nonsense

    The Mail is just as bad. Unfortunately as we're a weather obsessed nation, extreme weather headlines sell papers. I'm on a couple of US/international weather/climate sites, forever having to remind foreigners NOT to take these publications seriously!