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  1. James Young

    Autumn 2018 - Forecasts and Windstorms

    Windstorm season records thus far (not counting in those named outside the UK and Ireland) Strongest storm by pressure: Storm Frank - 928mb (2015) Strongest storm by winds recorded on land: Storm Doris - 118mph (2016) Earliest first storm formation: Storm Aileen - 12 September 2017 Latest first storm formation: Storm Angus - 19 November 2016 Earliest last storm formation: Storm Ewan - 25 February 2016 Latest last storm formation: Storm Hector - 13 June 2018 Season with least named storms: 2016-2017 Season with most named storms: 2015-2016 Storm that has caused the most damage (with uncertainty): £650 million Storm Eva (2015) Storm that has caused the most fatalities: 16 - Storm Emma (Feb - March 2018) Most named storm formations in a single month: 3 (2015 - Nov, Dec, Feb / 2018 - Jan) Number of named storms per month, including ex-tropical cyclones (2015-2018 Sep): Month(s) with most named storms (2015-2018 Sep): December - 7 Month(s) with least named storms (2015-2018 Sep): April, May. July, August - 0 If there was an assigned time of windstorm formation, then it should probably be between 1st September to 31st March, but it runs throughout the whole year.
  2. James Young

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    I'm expecting snow this winter, is that good enough?
  3. James Young

    Autumn 2018 - Forecasts and Windstorms

    @Mark CliffordIt was on Wikipedia, I know I shouldn't trust everything, but this was something that I was rather interested in. So I asked the Met Office last week - they haven't got back to me yet...
  4. Since there's a discussion for Winter 2018/19 - decided to create this topic to discuss the weather throughout Autumn. This years Autumn is looking rather interesting to say the least. Would love some windstorm action as well. I'd be expecting a couple of windstorms this season, unless the Western Europe doesn't use the same naming system, the current forecast will be much lower.
  5. James Young

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    My desired winter checklist: A stream of North Sea snow showers Sudden Stratospheric Warming Thundersnow Beast From The East A couple of sub-zero day-time maximum temperatures A storm producing widespread snowfall at some point during winter - without dislodging the cold air Numerous blizzard-like conditions A day off work...due to snow A couple of night temperatures taking a dip below the -10C mark
  6. James Young

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Express back at it again. Not expecting a significant impacts from this so called 'El Nino' which to Express seems very extraordinary - at least on the title.
  7. James Young

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    As I said in my winter forecast back in July, likely to be colder than summer. On a serious note, I think it all will depend on the Modoki El Nino that is currently 'expected to form'. I'd expect an uptick in tropical cyclone activity by the end of 1st week of September which will be mainly due to the repositioning of the Azores high more North allowing pressure to rise; and at that time, it is forecast that there will be more rising motion and lowering of pressure across Western North Atlantic basin which should allow a breeding ground for more tropical cyclones. If these form then more heat will be transported in the upper latitudes allowing more of a blocking in winter months. I'd expect quite a few surprises this winter, especially some that we may not expect.. signs for a potential cold winter are there, but it's only a ''WILL IT HAPPEN?''.