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    Snow in S81

    Did you ever get this @Brent? Hoping people get notifications when we respond...
  2. Could euro4 be right? Let's start the #uksnow debate...
  3. Mark Clifford

    Snow Watch

    We'll be conducting updates to our Snow Watch advisory over the next few weeks. We'll post them here once ready and we'd appreciate if you can provide feedback as to how helpful you may find these updates. Here's a sneak peak at what we'll be adding in the next week...
  4. Mark Clifford

    Snow in S81

    Hi @Brent, so sorry nobody got back to you sooner. I guess it would be appropriate to talk about Monday into Tuesday now. Early hours of Tuesday look to be your best chance, as the main rain band passes. Otherwise showers could catch you which maybe wintry. You probably have the best chance than most but showers and even within the main front will be hit and miss. An easterly air flow would be most peoples best bet.
  5. Mark Clifford

    Christmas and New Year Operations 2018

    I would also like to give a special thanks to @Sryan Bruen (Sean Bruen), Daniel Smith, and @Chailey Stowe for joining Metcast when we desperately needed more team members. You guys are what makes Metcast great. Thank you! 100% of donations made via Paypal between 22nd and 27th December 2018 will be divided between them.
  6. Christmas is NEXT WEEK. 4 whole days away... We give our team members the choice as to wether or not they contribute to operations during Christmas, apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day where we run an intermittent service and they can work but are encouraged to take time off. It's really slow normally, providing there's no snow or storm. During this time it usually but not always consists of one person (me!) running the entire show--monitoring weather models, running social media, responding to emails / live chat etc etc. Below is a guideline for our availability over the festive season. 24th December 2018 (Christmas Eve): Normal until 5pm then intermittent 25th December 2018 (Christmas Day): Intermittent 26th December 2018 (Boxing Day): Intermittent 27th December 2018: Normal 28th December 2018: Normal 29th December 2018: Normal 30th December 2018: Normal 31st December 2018 (New Years Eve): Normal until 5pm then intermittent 1st January 2019 (New Years Day): Intermittent Thank you for all the support you gave us in 2018. We wouldn't be here without the continued growth on Twitter and Facebook but mainly due to the visits to our website enabling us to raise a small amount of funds through serving ads. If you would like to support us further or say Merry Christmas in the form of a monetary gift please consider contributing to our running costs, which seems to be ever increasing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!
  7. There's been quite a lotta chat on social media about winter already mentioning the QBO, Solar Minimum, El Nino’ in the Pacific and Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) in the Atlantic. Most, if not all look like they are going to contribute to favourable conditions. Of course it is far too early to be confident about anything and signals could, and probably will change between now and then. So, what are YOUR thoughts for Winter 2018/19?
  8. Well, model output certainty hasn't been boring for the last few weeks. 12z is currently running and it's snowing the possibility of some snow showers in the east and south east (although I suspect this won't amount to much--famous last words!). Share your thoughts and opinons on the model output below...
  9. Mark Clifford

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Wouldn't it be funny if that turned out to be wrong
  10. A place to share your weather pictures and any observations..
  11. Mark Clifford

    Your Ratings for 2018?

    Thanks to @Sryan Bruen for the idea... how would you rate the weather so far this year? Here's mine... January - 8/10 February - 8/10 March - 9/10 April - 6/10 May - 7/10 June - 7/10 August - 5/10 September - No idea as I was away for most of it/10 (Switzerland and Italy were lovely though! ) October - 3/10
  12. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its long-awaited special report on 1.5°C of global warming yesterday, at a meeting in South Korea. What's everyone thoughts? Read the report at https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/ipcc-1.5-report
  13. Mark Clifford

    Snow Watch Website Issues

    snowwatch.org.uk will be launching tonight and thus finally commencing operations. However judging by our week ahead update published a few hours ago we won't need to worry about snow this week...
  14. Mark Clifford

    Snow Watch Website Issues

    Good afternoon! We are investigating some server issues with snowwatch.org.uk which is currently preventing us from launching the site. As I'm sure you're aware Snow Watch is meant to launch today however this situation puts that at jeopardy. We'll update you here when we know more. The giveaway should not be affected and we'll still be choosing a winner at 9pm providing the site is still accessible. A separate announcement will be made once we are told everything is resolved.
  15. Mark Clifford

    Snow Watch Website Issues

    Still no progress. Hoping for some news by end of day on Monday. So sorry for the delay!
  16. Mark Clifford

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    First, significant snowfall in the United Kingdom. My guess would be sometime between 15th November and 1st December. Anyone dare to say a particular date.. ? Winners will get my respect and if you live in the South East a pint on me.
  17. It's like clock work now. Every year the Daily Express comes out with Indian summer drivel, Outrageous Winter Headlines and so on. Surely something should be done, a campaign for fake weather news... something... I'm all for media freedom but when it comes to scaremongering and blatant disregard for vulnerable people something needs to happen. Share your thoughts, laugh at the utter nonsense and marvel at the ineptitude of these so called journalists.
  18. Mark Clifford

    2018: A Summer of Heatwaves

    With temperature reaching 25-28C widely recently can we really call next week a heatwave and if so why wasn't it classed a heatwave a week or two ago? Let's discuss this heatwave and share weather models below i'll get us started. Here's the temperature at 2am on 25th and 29th ?
  19. Mark Clifford

    Autumn 2018 - Forecasts and Windstorms

    @James Young Ah, good ol' Wikipedia. I don't trust half of the information posted there. I'm going to email the Met Office and ask. I'll post the reply here if I hear back from them.
  20. Mark Clifford

    Model output discussion for Autumn 2018

    Cool Polar Maritime air expected later this week. Wo.
  21. The International Space Station passes start again in Late September and I love going out to see it with my 300mm lens. I'll post the times here later in Sept but for now if you've spotted it this Summer and taken any pictures feel free to share them.
  22. Mark Clifford

    Autumn 2018 - Forecasts and Windstorms

    Since when have the whole of Europe agreed to use the same naming system? This is news to me. @James Young Can you provide a link to the announcement? This is great news.
  23. Mark Clifford

    Winter 2018/19 Early Thoughts

    Anybody here watch GavsWeatherVids? He starts looking at winter from 2nd September. Highly recommend!
  24. Mark Clifford

    Beast from the East - February/March 2018

    Well, this is the best thread ever! Here's mine.. https://twitter.com/MarkkClifford/status/968229016191819777 https://twitter.com/MarkkClifford/status/968406531162169344 https://twitter.com/MarkkClifford/status/968438105282957313 https://twitter.com/MarkkClifford/status/968525994595319808 https://twitter.com/MarkkClifford/status/968526419969150976 Here's some of my favourites..
  25. Mark Clifford

    Introduce Yourself

    We've just launched this forum so this is a space to introduce yourself. What's your favourite kind of weather? What is your least favourite kind of weather? Are you an Model Watcher? Interests/part or full time job What's your likes and dislikes? How do you want this forum to move forward? etc ?