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Got an idea for the forum or perhaps Metcast or Snow Watch as a whole? We'd love to hear it. Complaints must be send privately to metcast.net/contact. To flag someone to the forum team please use the Report function.


  1. Weather Advisories Consultation

    Your chance to provide feedback that will shape our SWAs. 

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    • It's been a while now but here's all the winter forecasts I have read/think are worthy of reading...  Our very own/first ever seasonal forecast https://metcast.net/news/winter-2018-19-forecast/  Gavs Weather Vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0cIpgxWRfw The Snow Dreamer aka London and Southeast https://t.co/qw3ZuNf7AT  Are there any that I have missed that you think is a decent read?
    • Does anybody else buy a TV Guide and mark everything they want to watch? I have the TV Guide on my iPhone now but I still like doing it the traditional way. Below is the 2018 cover...